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Academic Skills Program + Skills Module
The Academic Skills Program + Skills Module supports students with various learning styles within two distinct programs: The Comprehensive Program + Skills Module and The Intermediate Program. You’ll create your individual Student Learning Plan; develop the new skills you need; and review assignments, pending quizzes, tests, papers, and exams. Your parents receive ongoing reports on your progress. This is one of Gould’s many help centers.

Writing Center
In the Writing Center, open twice a week during study hall, you’ll explore new paths to approaching an assignment, discuss strategies for organization, get help with grammar, or simply have an objective audience to review your work. The help center has trained student tutors to serve as guides in the writing process from brainstorming to revising.

Math Center
At the Math Center, you can seek direction from a peer tutor or use the meeting space in the IDEAS Center to work together with classmates. Open twice a week during evening study hours, this help center is also a gathering place for students who really enjoy the challenges of mathematics.

World Language Center
Within the World Language Center, you can utilize trained student linguist tutors to help with assignments, or use the quiet space to work. As your skills improve, you can apply to be a help center tutor the following year. The World Language Center is open twice a week during evening study hall.

Supervised Dorm Study
Our ninth-grade students are assigned to Supervised Dorm Study at the beginning of the school year, along with other students who demonstrate a need for continued academic guidance or want help with study habits. First-year tenth-grade students also participate in a separate Supervised Dorm Study during their first trimester.
Math Center Tutor
The Math Center is staffed by peer tutors in grades 10-12. Each tutor is recommended by faculty or can interview with Mr. Zutshi or Mr. Blauss, for a position. Tutors are assigned to work one shift per week and must believe that “math is fun.”

Math Team
This club competes in regional and national competitions and is open to every Gould student, regardless of age, grade level, or math ability. Stretch your brain in new and interesting ways. The group meets to practice math contest problems from a variety of sources and has competed in the American Mathematics Competitions, Who Wants to Be a Mathematician?, and the New England Math League contests. Support is also offered for individual pursuits such as the USA Mathematical Talent Search and the MathWorks Math Modeling Challenge. Contact Mr. Zutshi.

Model UN
As the world’s most important intergovernmental organization, the United Nations is responsible for maintaining international peace and security and seeks to develop friendly relations among nations in order to achieve international cooperation. Model UN students play the role of delegates to the UN General Assembly and committees, debating topics such as gender equality, climate action, global health, and more. In recent years, GAMUN has traveled to conferences hosted by Wheaton College, University of Southern Maine, and UConn. Participating in Model UN involves substantial research, public speaking, debate, and writing skills, as well as critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership abilities.

Polar Bear Club
Polar Bears begin each spring once the ice goes out on nearby Songo Pond. The club meets twice a week for a quick and chilly swim before breakfast. The opportunity to be a member is open to the entire Gould community. The only rules that apply are that you must dip all the way in, and if you miss one event, you are out of the club for the remainder of the spring. The fun and the challenge is making it through the entire season. Contact Mr. Siekman.

The position of Prefect is open to juniors and seniors. They are leaders that represent the residents of the dormitories or the day students. The focus of a Prefect is to help build community within their constituencies. Additionally, it is an expectation that they will set up and follow a duty rotation to help with evening responsibilities associated with study hall and cleanliness of common spaces. Dorm Prefects will also assist with maintaining room cleanliness and supervising in-dorms and lights out.  Prefects should also plan and execute a variety of regular and special events throughout the school year with their constituency.

The Quill
The Quill is Gould’s student newspaper where students write bi-weekly articles including school news, opinions, and school sports; it features student literary submissions that can be sent in anonymously via email. The articles in the Quill are written primarily by students but may feature some works by faculty. The Editors are responsible for making sure the works The Quill publishes are fact-checked and properly edited, as well as being productive and representing a diversity of opinions. The aim of the Quill is to give a voice to the community wherever possible.

A community service club at Gould, Reachout has regular meetings and events that support local and global communities. Students involved in Reachout work together to identify causes and design fundraisers. Faculty contact:  Mr. Hayward.

A group created to educate our community about LGBTQ+ rights and individuals. We also strive to create a safe and healthy environment for LGBTQ+ people and others to discuss and express themselves.

Underwater Robotics
The REMUS 100 (or Remote Environmental Monitoring UnitS) is an automated ex-Navy submersible that travels underwater without requiring input from an operator. The club has made trips to Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and launched the AUV in nearby Songo Pond to test water temperatures. 

Writing Center Tutor
The Writing Center is staffed by peer tutors in grades 10-12. Each tutor is recommended by faculty or may interview with the director of the Writing Center, Ms. Cook, for a position. Tutors are assigned to work one shift per week.

Offered as a co-curricular activity during the Spring, Yearbook is an important piece of Gould history. Even decades after graduation, alumni will pick up their Yearbook and leaf through it, reliving old memories of Gould life. Producing the Yearbook requires the assistance of photographers, photo editors, copy editors, and graphic designers—anyone interested in helping preserve a record of your time at Gould.
Gould is a small, co-ed, independent boarding school for grades 8-PG.  We are passionate about preparing academically motivated students for college, helping them to become independent-minded, ethical citizens who will lead lives of purpose, action, excellence, and compassion in a dynamic world.