Academic Skills Program

Meeting Learners Where They Are

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  • Education Designed for You

    Academics at Gould can be challenging and require a lot of hard work. We understand that students learn in a myriad of ways, and what works for one student might not work for another. To be sure that all Gould students receive an equitable experience and are supported in the best way possible for them, there are two layers of academic support available.

The Academic Skills Program

The Academic Skills Program (ASP) is a flexible program designed to help neurodivergent learners meet academic expectations. Students enrolled in ASP are carefully matched with a coach to establish a positive working relationship. This relationship is critical to reviewing classroom performance, establishing short-term goals, and acknowledging and celebrating personal growth.

Students in the program have dedicated ASP sessions built into their schedules during the academic day to review and discuss their academics. Students meet one-on-one with coaches within sessions, with one faculty member dedicated to every two students. Additional study halls may be assigned during the academic day to ensure they have structured opportunities for learning and working. ASP students are not limited in their curriculum choices; many are enrolled in honors and advanced placement courses. With a central location in Gould’s main academic building, Hanscom Hall, the Academic Support Center is also open during study hall hours five nights a week, so students always have a faculty member they can connect with in a distraction-free environment.

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  • Academic Independence

    Gould's approach to academic support encourages students to better understand themselves as learners and leverage their strengths to succeed in challenging courses. The goal is to promote academic independence, self-awareness, self-advocacy, and confidence.

Every Gould ASP Student has Access to

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  • Executive function support scaffolding

  • Skills development

  • Specific learning goals

  • An individualized learning plan

  • Academic coaching

  • Student-to-academic coach ratio of 2:1

  • Three to six class meetings a week

  • Classroom and testing accommodations

  • ASP evening study hall five nights a week

  • Progress updates to parents

  • An individualized approach that addresses social-emotional well-being and academic performance

How it Works

Upon enrollment in ASP, an individualized learning plan is crafted for each student that outlines the accommodations and modifications that will be executed in the classroom. These plans are discussed in depth with advisors and classroom teachers, creating a network of supportive adults who are deeply invested in each student’s success. The Academic Skills Program promotes independent learning by building executive functioning skills. They develop a shared weekly planner to organize tasks and prioritize their work more effectively, growing self-advocacy skills, which builds stronger self-awareness. By encouraging effective communication and resiliency, students gain the confidence needed to take control of their educational journey. Students become independent learners through this comprehensive and individualized approach. Our ASP staff also share this planner with parents and provide weekly updates to them on their child’s progress, challenges, and action plans.

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  • Former Gould Family

    “ASP has been instrumental in helping our son to be more productive and efficient at school. He works closely with faculty to plan out his academic work and activities while prioritizing the time it will take to complete it. These are tools that he will utilize in college and beyond.”
    • Alpine athletes travel to Norway with an academic liaison.

The Student Success Program

Every Gould student has an additional layer of support built into their experience to provide a goal-oriented approach to meeting academic expectations. The Student Success Program includes weekly academic review and early intervention for students who may experience challenges due to school-sponsored travel or who need an extra helping hand to get back on track. Students on longer trips may travel with an academic liaison from Gould to support them academically. If required, students will meet with our highly qualified Academic Support Coaches, who work closely with teachers, advisors, and coaches to ensure each student has an action plan that leads to success.

Every Gould Student has Access to

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  • A small, supportive community with a 6:1 student-to-faculty ratio

  • A strong network of adults, including teachers, advisors, and coaches, who collaborate to ensure their success

  • Weekly academic review and early intervention

  • Evening study hall five nights a week

  • Help centers in math, science, and writing are open during study hall hours

  • Office hours for every teacher, offering extra help sessions to all students for additional support and planning

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