Athletics Schedule

Let's go Huskies! Find the complete game schedule in the calendar below.  Sport names are abbreviated, you can find the key at the bottom of the page.  
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Key: Fall Sports

BS: Boys' Soccer
CS: Coed Soccer
XC: Cross Country Running
FH: Field Hockey
GS: Girls' Soccer
G: Golf
MTB: Mountain Biking
S: Skateboarding

Key: Winter Sports

ALP: Alpine skiing
BB: Basketball
FR: Freeride skiing
FS: Freestyle skiing (slope/rail/mogul)
NORD: Nordic skiing
SB: Snowboard (slope/rail)
SBX: Snowboard cross
SX: Skier cross

Key: Spring Sports

BB: Baseball
SB: Softball
MLX: Men's Lacrosse
WLX: Women's Lacrosse 
BK: Biking
SB: Skateboard
MVT: Men's Varsity Tennis 
MJVT: Men's JV Tennis
WVT: Women's Varsity Tennis
WJVT: Women's JV Tennis
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