Alumni Courtyard Pavers

    • Donate a paver to honor a special Gould faculty member!

Paver sales are currently closed. Sales will re-open in July of 2024.

Transform your memories and appreciation into a lasting tribute at the Gould Alumni Courtyard in the North Quad. This historic space will be completed in the summer of 2024.
In the center of the Gould Academy campus lies Bingham Hall, home to both a former gymnasium and auditorium. Just outside is The North Quad. From 2022-2024, these spaces will all be transformed, thanks to several generous donations. This building and this outdoor space are both the literal and figurative center of campus and essential to building community at Gould. 

Through the construction of the “Alumni Courtyard,” we invite you to buy a personalized paver to help play a role in the transformation.

Join us!
The Gould community is being asked to support this project by buying personalized pavers! It is our hope to have the base of the amphitheater filled with the names of those individuals, classes and families that support Gould. Paver sales were suspended at the end of 2023, and will be available again in Summer 2024. 
Stay tuned… We can’t wait to show you our progress as we transform this campus center! 

Don't miss this opportunity to leave your mark!

Choose from small, medium, or large pavers to immortalize your message. Whether it's in memory of a loved one, in honor of someone special, courtesy of your organization, or a class reunion, your personalized paver will be a timeless addition to our cherished courtyard.

    • The future site of the Alumni Courtyard just outside Bingham Hall

Project Timeline
In the Fall of 2022, the under-utilized Bingham gymnasium was converted into two spaces:  a storage area with lockers for our growing day student population, and a student center: a recreation space with seating, a gaming system, ping pong tables, and an air hockey table. 

Beginning in the Spring of 2023 and continuing until 2024, Bingham Auditorium will be renovated and outfitted with state of the art A/V systems. These improvements are made possible through the generosity of the Tony and Renee Marlon Charitable Foundation. 

In the Summer of 2024, the North Quad area will be transformed into a purposeful outdoor gathering space, including fire pits, and an amphitheater thanks to the generosity of the Betterment Fund and the Baton Rouge Area Foundation. 

At the base of the amphitheater in the North Quad the “Alumni Courtyard” is being constructed through a series of different size stone pavers. This area will be used for Alumni gatherings during Alumni weekends as well as student traditions that symbolize moving from being a student to being an Alumni.
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