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  • A Gould Tradition

    Gould’s Four Point Program is a 40-year-old tradition that starts in ninth grade and ends upon graduation. Every year, just before spring break, students in each class embark on a journey of self-discovery. Gould students are proud of completing the four points, the full arc of a Gould story.

Ninth Grade – Immersion

In the spring of 9th grade, students travel to places like Tanzania, Ecuador, Peru, China, or Morocco to experience entirely new cultures meant to broaden students’ views—an invaluable tool in their journey through their academic and personal life.

Tenth Grade – Expression

During this time, students complete service projects, work with professional artists during multi-day workshops to develop their creative confidence, better understand service, participate in activities with Gould alumni, and strengthen their sense of place as it relates back to how they can impact their own communities.

Eleventh Grade – Awareness

It’s time for students to head outside and to the White Mountains for eight nights of winter camping. Away from modern conveniences, students learn more about themselves, their peers, the benefits of teamwork, personal responsibility, and that they are capable of doing challenging things.

Twelfth Grade – Independence

Welcome to the driver’s seat. Some students choose an independent service project that they are passionate about, others choose to venture out into various parts of the world. Whether it’s cleaning up the Ohio River or community service in Guatemala, the twelfth-grade independent project serves as the culmination of a student’s many Four Point travels and learnings.
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