Bill and Ki Clough Fund for Experiential Learning

The Bill and Ki Clough Fund for Experiential Learning

Please join us in supporting the legacy of Bill and Ki Clough, and ensuring that every student is given the opportunity to experience these signature programs, in order to become independent minded, ethical citizens who will lead lives of purpose, action, excellence, and compassion in a dynamic world.

Gould Experiential Learning Signature Programs

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  • The Four Point Program

    A signature program at Gould, Four Point is a 38 year old tradition that starts in 9th grade and continues throughout 12th grade.

    Ninth Grade - Immersion:
    During their first year at Gould, students travel to experience entirely new cultures meant to broaden students’ views—an invaluable tool in their journey through their academic and personal life.

    Tenth Grade - Expression:
    During this time, students complete service projects, work with professional artists during multi-day workshops to develop their creative confidence, better understand service, participate in activities with Gould alumni, and strengthen their sense of place
    as it relates back to how they can impact their own communities.

    Eleventh Grade - Awareness:
    It’s time for students to head outside and to the White Mountains for eight nights of winter camping. Away from modern conveniences, students learn more about themselves, their peers, the benefits of teamwork, personal responsibility, and that they are capable of doing challenging things.

    Twelfth Grade - Independence:
    Welcome to the driver’s seat. Some students choose an independent service project that they are passionate about, others choose to venture out into various parts of the world. Whether it’s
    cleaning up the Ohio River or community service in Guatemala, the twelfth- grade independent project serves as the culmination of a student’s many Four Point travels and learnings.
  • Farm and Forest

    The Farm and Forest program began with the student construction of a traditional post and beam barn in 1998. This program offers students the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of a traditional, diverse New England Farm. Students build fences, tap trees for syrup, press apples for cider, shovel manure, sheer sheep, chop wood, nurture newborn animals, construct shelters, improve soil, plant seeds and harvest vegetables and fruit.
  • Orientation and Other Outdoor Adventures

    From the moment a student steps foot onto campus, that student becomes a bonafide explorer and is almost immediately whisked away on an introductory three-day backpacking or canoe trip. It’s adventures like these that help our students connect with fellow classmates and faculty, and to explore firsthand Gould’s incredible location. It’s also a precursor to the many more experiential learning opportunities for exploration to come. From week/weekend service and outdoor leadership trips to travel abroad adventures, opportunities like these help shape our students into well-traveled, responsible citizens.
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