College Counseling

College Counseling Overview

Our approach to college counseling at Gould is to center each student in their own process and planning for post-secondary success. We recognize that this task now requires additional advocacy for our Students of Color as they have become further marginalized by the Supreme Court decision disallowing race conscious practices in college admissions. We accept that challenge and will continue to pursue pathways of inclusion, equity, and justice. 

The college counseling process at Gould is a four-year partnership built on individual attention. Through superb knowledge and support, our counselors guide each student through the process while working in tandem with family and faculty. Our goal? To pair each student with a college or university that best fits individual talents, passions, and goals.

From ninth grade on, counselors work side by side with students in a growing relationship that follows a thorough timetable:

  • Ninth grade: Connect with students to review curriculum and extracurricular planning.
  • Tenth grade: Discover strengths and interests relating to academics, extracurricular activities, and potential career options.
  • Eleventh grade: Begin the college search process in earnest.
  • Twelfth grade: Complete the college application and selection process.

Throughout the year the college counselors teach seminars on preparing for tests, interviewing, writing college essays, and making college visits. Gould also holds parent meetings during each of the three Parent and Family Weekends, with an entire program devoted to the college search scheduled for the spring Parent and Family Weekend. Parents are invited to schedule individual conferences with members of the college counseling team. Counselors are in close contact with college admissions offices throughout the application process to ensure that Gould students receive every consideration.
“The College Counseling staff at Gould went over and above to help our son develop a personalized list of schools that reflected both his academic interests and his love of the outdoors. They gave him close support at every step of the application process. He is so proud of the results and has a range of excellent, well-matched colleges to choose from. Our son has had exposure to ideas, courses, and experiences that set him apart from his peers.  A Gould education offers a perfect mix of exploration, rigor, and flexibility. Gould has been a place where our son has been able to explore his interests and grow into a confident, independent and thriving young man!”
—2019 Parent

Spring Parent and Family Weekend Events

Each year during the Spring Family Weekend, College Counseling designs and College Admissions program for Gould’s tenth- and eleventh-grade students and their families. Full of insider tips for managing the college admissions process, the program brings top admissions professionals to Gould for some compelling face time with our families.

Career Conversations

The Tenth Grade Career Conversations Program helps Gould students to begin thinking about how their interests might translate into a career. Through Career Conversations, students meet with Gould alumni/ae and other professionals who talk about their careers and the paths that led to them. While mandatory for tenth graders, all students are encouraged to attend Career Conversations.

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    Mr Dan Pfistner 

    Co-Director College Counseling
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    Ms. Maggie Davis 

    Co-Director College Counseling, Spiritual Life Coordinator
    Lynchburg College - B.A.
    Emory University - M.S.
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