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  • Explore. Engage. Enjoy.

    Gould Life is about you – who you are right now and who you can become – and taking advantage of the many opportunities that await you.

Beyond Academics and Athletics

Student Life at Gould isn’t all about academics, athletics, snow sports, or even the arts (although we excel in providing exceptional experiences in all of those areas), it’s about friendship, mentorship, and being a part of a community.
We recognize that you have your own unique interests and curiosities.

Gould provides a balanced experience that includes belonging to a community that will challenge and support you.

The Gould programs, traditions, and everyday life experiences shape who you are as an individual and as a community member.


Customs and traditions are integral to every culture, and ours have been proudly upheld for more than 180 years.

You'll bond with your classmates through dorm life, sports, classes, and trips, and also through the many traditions that make Gould unique. 

From social events to celebrating our outstanding natural surroundings together, our many traditions keep our community tightly knit. 

At the heart of these experiences are student leaders who bring them to life.

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  • New Student Orientation

    Upon arriving at Gould, new students adventure into the woods and waterways of western Maine, guided by faculty and student leaders.
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  • Mountain Day

    Every fall, students look forward to Mountain Day, when the community takes the day off and hikes nearby White Cap Mountain.
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  • Student Competitions

    Every student is assigned to a team based on their advisory group. Games range from impromptu trivia at assemblies to large all-day events like Winter Carnival. At the end of the school year, the team with the most points is awarded as the winner!
  • Polar Bears Club

    The challenge begins each spring once the ice goes out on nearby Songo Pond. The club meets twice a week for a quick and chilly swim before breakfast. The opportunity to be a member is open to the entire Gould community. The only rules that apply are that you must dip all the way in, and if you miss one event, you are out of the club for the remainder of the spring. The fun and the challenge is making it through the entire season!
  • Snow Ball and Spring Fling

    These annual events include dinner and a dance in celebration of the season.
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  • Winter Carnival

    Much like Mountain Day, classes are canceled and the entire community takes part in Winter Carnival. Teams compete in field games with a winter twist; notable events have included timed sledding runs and a two-person nordic ski race.
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  • Graduation Outdoors

    The end and a new beginning rolled into one very important day where everyone attends.
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