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  • Lives of Purpose

    Gould’s mission is to guide students to become flexible, creative thinkers with the courage and capacity to positively impact the world.

    These characteristics and Gould’s core values of kindness and curiosity are prominently instilled in our graduates. We're fortunate to share some of their stories here.

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  • Environmental Science Class Unveils New Potting Bench

    The Environmental Science Spring '24 class, guided by Jeremy Nellis P’24 and Sarah Kamilewicz, constructed a potting bench, which is now available for all gardening enthusiasts in the community. This initiative encourages seasoned gardeners and novices to engage in gardening activities on campus.
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  • Celebrating the Gould Class of 2024

    The Class of 2024 is nearing the end of their time at Gould, and we’re excited to highlight their outcomes. Fifty-four students submitted 470 applications to 223 colleges. Next year, they will be scattered across 19 states and five countries. Seven students were accepted to their early decision schools, six are committed collegiate athletes, and four received full-ride scholarships. Among them are a National Merit Scholar, a member of the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Team, four jacketed ski patrollers, and one certified EMT. These achievements reflect the hard work and diverse talents of the group.
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  • Jonah presenting about his documentary at assembly

    Senior Four Point Documentary Sets its Sights on Ski Patrol

    Every year, Gould twelfth graders complete a Senior Four Point project that culminates their learning at Gould. Students find creative ways to express themselves, travel the world, and complete service projects as part of this work. Discovering that they are capable of great things is at the heart of every step of the Four Point Program, and this special capstone project is no exception. Learning to collaborate with others, overcome obstacles, and see a project through to completion are all part of the assignment.
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  • Ten Years of War in Ukraine

    Friday at all-school assembly, Polly ’24 and Artur ’24 gave a grim and powerful presentation on the ten years of war in Ukraine, their home country.
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  • Tuesday Night Rail Jam - Shred for Sleds

    This past Tuesday night, the Gould community gathered on the upper field after a formal dinner to witness the spectacle and glory of a rail jam. Over thirty freeskiers, snowboarders (and even a couple of Nordic and alpine athletes) participated in the contest, with all entry fees benefitting the local Mahoosuc Kids Association in the form of the highly coveted Zipfy Sleds.
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  • Artur Savchii ’24—Math Olympian Hopes to One Day Help Rebuild Ukraine

    Artur Savchii ’24 has done something unprecedented at Gould. He qualified for the American Invitational Mathematics Examination (AIME) based on his score on the American Mathematics Contest 12 (AMC 12). In this next phase of testing, Artur can qualify for The United States of America Mathematical Olympiad, which precedes the International Mathematics Olympiad. To put this in perspective, currently, Artur is one of the top 3,000 math students in the country, and that's just the beginning of his accomplishments.
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  • Nathan Pare ’23 is at the highest level of Snowboard Cross (SBX), competing in the World Cup SBX Tour

    Nathan Pare ’23 is at the highest level of Snowboard Cross (SBX), competing in the World Cup SBX Tour this season as a member of the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Team
    You can support him on his quest to reach the Winter Olympics at his fundraiser on Saturday, January 6 at The Bethel Resort & Suites. Check out this link for more details. Let's go, Nate!
  • Peyton Meader ’22, third from the left in the front, with her First Nations Launch team at MIT

    Gould Alum Peyton Meader ’22 on MIT All-Indigenous Rocket Launch Team

    Peyton Meader ’22 is a member of Massachusetts Institute of Technology's (MIT) first all-Indigenous Rocket Team in Cambridge, MA, where she is a second-year chemical engineering student. The team, Doya, recently placed second in the First Nations Launch international student competition with a blast that reached a height of 1,290 meters.
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  • An Outside Chance - Lauren Jacobs ’03, PhD

    In the spring of the year Lauren Jacobs taught physical education at the K-8 Cave Hill School in rural Eastbrook, Maine; she took her eighth-grade students canoeing on nearby Scammon Pond. The loons and ducks had returned and shared a bright and sunny day with the students. The goal was simply to get the kids out on the water. They learned a few basic skills and paddling techniques, but the exercise was designed to gain comfort and build experience while having fun and making memories. But Lauren was surprised by the kids’ reaction to the activity.
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  • Phil Coupe ’86 Envisions a Brighter Future

    Phil Coupe and his colleagues at ReVision Energy are on a mission to save the planet. It’s a lofty goal that he finds somewhat intimidating, but spend some time with Phil, and you get the sense that he is the right person for the job.
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  • Breaking the Stigma: Catie Caggiano’s Four Point Project on Addiction Treatment

    Catie Caggiano knew she wanted her senior four point project to center on the healthcare industry but didn’t know which field or where to start. She didn’t know any doctors or health care providers but knew she wanted to focus on patient care and giving back.
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  • Chris Pyle '23 Takes Second Place in Bill Taylor Essay Contest, Advocates for Internet Equality

    The Camden Conference has announced this year's Bill Taylor Essay Contest Winners. Representing Gould, Chris Pyle '23 earned second place for his essay, “Assessing Internet Inequality in the US.”
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  • Eli proudly displaying his Bowdoin College sweatshirt

    Connecting Through Environmental Science: A Senior Four Point Story

    During his tenth-grade year, Eli Shifrin ’23 was fly fishing in the Webb River in Weld, Maine, and witnessed a lot of pollution. It got him thinking about native brook trout and how this pollution might affect their habitat and water quality. He was taking Research Methods in Science with Peter Southam then and made water quality the focus of his research. He discovered how the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) monitors rivers, and he learned about Edmund Muskie, the Clean Water Act of 1972, and the restoration of the Androscoggin River during his research. This planted the seed for his Senior Four Point project, three years in the making.
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  • Gould's 2023 Valedictorian, Byron An ’23

    Floating Populations and Education Inequality: A Senior Four Point Project

    Byron An ’23 says people in his home city of Guangzhou know about the “Floating Population” crisis in China. Still, very few people have taken action to do anything about it.

    For his Senior Four Point project, which has been three years in the making, Gould’s 2023 Valedictorian set out to advocate for fair access to education for “floating families” and build a more equitable education system in China.
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  • From Gould to Dartmouth: Dali Gao's Triumph in Academics and Snowboardcross

    “The combination of academics and sports is the most important thing for me. There are a lot of schools that are good academically or good at sports, but nowhere has both like Gould. I started my boardercross career at Gould. Coach Gandee and Yamada have been super helpful and supportive.
    It’s that combination and just how supportive the teachers are here. They make sure that I get my work done and have enough time if I'm super busy with snowboarding and traveling. They support my snowboarding by ensuring it’s not overly stressful, which is so helpful.” - Dali Gao, Chinese Snowboard Team

    Dali’s journey at Gould was unique. He took a gap year after being named to the Chinese National Snowboard team between eleventh and twelfth grade. Next fall, he will continue his snowboardcross career while pursuing his studies at Dartmouth. We are so proud of Dali’s accomplishments and privileged to say he’s a Gould Husky! Congrats, Dali! 🏂 🎓 🥳
  • From Gould's Stage to Hollywood: Chelsea Duclos' Journey of Self-Expression Through Acting

    “The Gould faculty really care about you. They taught me it’s okay not to be perfect. When I got my first paid role in a movie, I messaged my advisor, Mr. Alford. Acting allows me to escape the real world by stepping into an imaginary one and gives me space to express my true self.” - Chelsea Duclos ’23

    Chelsea will take her passion for acting to the next level in the Theatre Arts program at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California, next fall! In addition to being honored at Commencement for high honors, she also received the performing arts department book award. We have enjoyed watching her grow and perform on the stage at Gould. Her creativity, dedication, and love for her craft are inspiring. 🎓🎉 Congratulations, Chelsea! We will be at the front of the line to buy a ticket for your first feature! 🎭✨
  • Mount Holyoke Bound: Reid Johnston's Fearless Pursuit of Education and Identity

    “It feels safe, and it’s a wonderful community. The student body at Mount Holyoke was really welcoming. It's not about competition there. Everyone there is an accomplished individual. It's all about supporting your peers, and I think that's great.” – Reid Johnston ’23 (they/them)

    Reid will be attending Mount Holyoke College next fall studying psychology and education. Their journey at Gould has been filled with resilience, passion, and a commitment to embracing their true identity. As a nonbinary student, Reid has fearlessly navigated their path and is an inspiration to the Gould community.
    Congratulations, Reid! We cannot wait to see all the incredible things you will accomplish as you embark on this new chapter. Remember, Gould Academy will always be here for you. #GouldPride 🏳️‍🌈
  • Three Gould Athletes Named to the U.S. Snowboard Team

    Gould is thrilled to announce that Snowboardcross (SBX) racers Bri Schnorrbusch ’24, Tyler Hamel ’22, and Nathan Pare ’23 have been named to the U.S. Snowboard Team! Bri and Tyler were named to the SBX Pro Team, while Nate secured a spot on the SBX Development Team.
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