New Teachers, Coaches and Staff

We are so humbly amazed by the people who make the Gould experience what it is. There's a new page on our website dedicated to employee profiles. Check it out to learn more about who is working at Gould this year.

New teachers, coaches and staff members have joined our community, read more about these eighteen people here

And congratulations to the ten staff members who have stepped up into new roles:
  • Nathaniel Blauss (he/him/his) | Chair of the Science Department
  • Beth Garfield P '20, '22, '26 (she/her/hers) | Dean of Students
  • Ben Kamilewicz ’95 (he/him/his) | Athletic Director 
  • Sarah Kamilewicz (she/her/hers) | Interim Davidson Dorm Head  
  • Adam Leff P ’15, ’17 (he/him/his) | Chair of World Language Department, Club and Civic Engagement Coordinator
  • Lolo Leff P ’15, ’17 (she/her/hers) | Assistant Dean of Students and French Teacher
  • Denise Manning P ’14 (she/her/hers) | Alumni Relations, Engagement Officer
  • Rob Manning P ’14 (he/him/his) | Chair of History Department
  • Abbey Quinn (she/her/hers) | Director of Residential Life
  • Marya Vincent (she/her/hers) | Assistant Dean of Students and Registrar
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