Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB)

Learning About Microaggressions

Our work with the Wells Collective allows us to continue to explore ways to interact and collaborate positively and effectively with each other and the students we serve.  

Dr. Brad Clarke, Assistant Head of School for Teaching and Learning, shared the following resources with staff members in preparation for our training session with the Wells Collective. 

He encouraged staff members to keep in mind the importance of knowing the definitions of and distinctions between key words such as: racism, bigotry, colorist, bias, discrimination, and prejudice. 
Please(re)familiarize yourself with as many as the following resources as possible:
If you have more time, these resources are valuable as well: 
After watching the YouTube videos, our DEIB Director Stephanie Mongtomery suggest that we: 
  • Write out and journal our initial reaction(s); 
  • Begin to compare and contrast our reactions; and 
  • Determine where we would like to have a clearer understanding. 
Questions to reflect upon and consider:
  1. How will you keep going when it gets hard? 
  2. What can you do to help yourself run this marathon and stay the course?
  3. How can you cultivate a culture of hope in your life? 
Some approaches to use to test your understanding would be to: 
  • Continue to review, think about, and differentiate the definitions (of racism, bigotry, colorist, bias, discrimination, and prejudice); 
  • Select 3-4 of your favorite movies, TV shows, sports, books, or other form of entertainment and record how what you now see and/or hear differs; and 
  • Use and apply your racial equity lens to observe and assess verbal as well as non-verbal communication. 
Thank you to Stephanie Montgomery and Maggie Davis for curating resources, framing questions, and helping plan for the session on Wednesday.
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