Merit-Based Scholarships

Gould Academy has the honor of offering several opportunities for Merit Scholarship.

These awards are given to students who have proven academic success and excel in arts, athletics, STEM/design thinking, and/or leadership qualities.
To be considered for our merit awards, student must:
  • complete the application process with Gould
  • be new boarding or day students entering grades 9-11
  • continue to uphold excellence in Gould standards throughout their career here
Interested families should submit a letter of interest to the committee along with any supporting information they would like to share to The student and family will be notified of their acceptance on March 10 if they are receiving an award.

Please note that the number of merit awards is limited.

Merit Based Scholarships at Gould

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  • The 1836 Award

    Founded in 1836, Gould has led the way in innovation and excellence. From being the first school with its own blog, to creating the IDEAS Center, Gould values leadership and innovation and nurtures globally minded citizens.  The 1836 Award honors students who model those Gould values through excellence in academics, athletics, arts, and innovation.
  • The Dirigo Award

    Dirigo, which is latin for to lead, appears in the Maine state seal. This award is given to select Maine students who show excellence in leadership as well as academics, athletics, arts and/or innovation and design thinking.
  • The Legacy Award

    As an Academy that values tradition as well as innovation, Gould is honored to offer awards to the grandchildren and children of Gould Alumni who qualify for admission.

For more information about Merit Scholarships, financial aid, or applying to Gould, please contact:

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